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dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Giant Flowers rozen & tag

Hello ladies,

A view weeks ago I made with the cricut a bouquet for my mothers birthday!
It’s a little difficult to explane how I made them (and in English) but I’ll try.

The Flowers are from the cartridge “Giant Flowers”.
I cut them out on 4 inch and follow the instructions from the little book.
Then I used some sticks and rap them up in paper. (I’ve you want you can use some ribbon like I did). I’ve you done that, then you can glue the rose on the stick with hot glue. For added strength I used a little stroke of green paper and I glue it around the rose and stick.. (it looks like a leaf). 

The tag is from the cartridge “Tags bags, boxes and more” page 90, I cut the tag out on 5,25 inch. Then I used some patornpaper. The rose is from the cartridge “Rock Princess” on page 29. I cut the rose out on 2,5 inch. Finally I used some rhinestones and glossy accent. 
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