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donderdag 14 januari 2016

Nail art Ombre

Hello girls,

I made a ombre nailart with 2 shades of yellow and white. 

How it's done,

  • Ad first I used my 'Trind nail repair natural' and let that dry.
  • Then I used 2 coates of white nailpolisch.
  • Now you choose a color. I choosed 2 shades of yellow. Then I made a stripe on a sponge and the lighter yellow below the other and a white color below that. Than apply the color with sponge on the nails. 
  • Use a top coat and you're done. 

I hoop you love this design, like I do. 
I love comments and followers!. I've you have questions, please ask them. I'll try yo answer them. 

xx Iris

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