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vrijdag 19 april 2013

Nail Art Black and blue glitters

Hello ladies,,

I’m trying to write in English. Sorry if it is grammatical not correct.

This time I’ve made a new design and I’m inspired by http://simicutza.blogspot.nl/
I’ve you look at her page you will find 3 foto’s what looks like mine design.
I combined those 3 designs and than you’ve get the design I made.

I really love this design because it’s so sparkly and I’ll make this again with a different glitter color (I think pink ore purple glitter). I hoop you love it like I do. Let me know what you think. I will try to make a little movie from the nex tutorial with the purple/pink glitters.

All right, now how it’s done.
  • At first I used my ‘trind nail repair natural’.
  • If this is dry I made a black French manicure accept one finger (you chose witch one) this one you make totally black.
  • Now I use ‘the best glue ever’, on the French manicure I do only the tips so you still can see a little black line. On the finger that’s all black I make in the middle a big stroke with on the sides a little black. Wait on till the glue dry’s a bid.
  • So now the fun part gets starting. The glitters!!!!!! Choose the color you like (I picked blue) and put the glitter over the glue so it will stick on.
  • After that I used topcote (3 ore 4 times on till you don’t feel the glitter).
  • If the last cote of you’re topcote is still wet, you can put some rhinestones on it. I used five in a half a circle. Another topcote will seal it and you’re done!

 I've made one blurred fotograph so you can see how sparkly the glitters are. 


It’s so sparkly I LOVE IT!
I hope you love it to.
Let me know what you think about it.
And let me know if you want to see more English posts and I hoop my English is good enough to read and understanding it.

I always love comments and followers!
I’ve you follow me let me know I’ll follow you to

Xxx Iris

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