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donderdag 30 mei 2013

Nail art black and purple glitters

Hello ladies,,

Here is the nailart as promise in purple glitters!
I really love this nail art and it looks so different only using a different glittercolor.
As promise I made a little movie from this nail art.

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All right, now how it’s done.
  • At first I used my ‘trind nail repair natural’.
  • If this is dry I made a black French manicure accept one finger (you choose witch one) this one you make totally black (i chose the ring finger).
  • Now I use ‘the best glue ever’, on the French manicure I do only the tips so you still can see a little black line. On the finger that’s all black I make in the middle a big stroke with on the sides a little black line. Wait on till the glue dry’s a bid.
  • So now you choose the glitter color you like (I picked purple) and put the glitter over the glue so it will stick on the nail.
  • After that I used topcote (3 ore 4 times on till you don’t feel the glitter).
  • If the last cote of you’re topcote is still wet, you can put some rhinestones on it. I used five in a half a circle. Another topcote will seal it and you’re done!

So now you've got another beautiful nailart design!
I've you want to see how you make this nailart, you can click on the movie below. Please subscribe on my youtubechannel :D

I love comments and followers! I've you have questions please ask them, I'll try to answer them
xxxx Iris

vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Blue card with a dog

Hello Lady's,

All right than, I've made a new card with a dog.
I'm going to try explain it but I don't remember it exactly.

The base card is a blue color (13,5 cm by 13,5 cm), on top of that I used a darker blue color  (13 cm by 13 cm) and on top of that I used a patron paper (12,5 cm by 12,5 cm).

Then I used from the cartridge “Paper Lace” blz 23 lace 2 Shadow and I guess the green paper is cut out on 4 inch (but I don’t know for sure). The patron green paper should be cut out on 3,75inch, I think.

The 2 dogs are from the cartridge “Nate’s ABCs” page 27 (the dog that’s walks) and page 40 (the dog with the leach). I don’t know the size from the dogs I guess the big dog is around 2 ore 2,5 inch and the little dog could be 1 ore 1,75 inch.

At last I finished it with a ribbon and rhinestones.

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Card with a Swan for Mother's Day.

Hello Lady's,

Today I made a card for Mothersday.
I’m going to try to explain it in English.

Here is my project:

The basic card is in a green color. Then I made 2 strokes out of cream color, one is 13 cm by 5 cm and the second is 13 cm by 7 cm. I did the same with the patron paper only the size is 12,5 cm by 4,5 cm and the second is 12,5 cm by 6,5 cm.

Then I used the cartridge “Art Philosophy” and on page 42 you can find the oval. I cut the green oval out on 2,75 inch and the black oval is cut out on 3 inch. I embossed the smaller oval with “Swissdots” and I put glitter on the little dots.

The Swan that I used from the cartridge “Art Nouveau” on page 64 is cut out on 2 inch. I used a flower from the cartridge “Flower Shoppe” page 16. This flower is cut out on 1,5 inch and 1,25 inch.

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